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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

We're-getting-a-new-furnace! We're-getting-a-new-furnace!

All right, I'll stop dancing around like an idiot. I've got to do something with the energy, though.

In case my friends are wondering why Jen & I won't be joining them at the ski chalet in Saas Fee, Switzerland: it's the damn furnace. The blower motor seized up a couple of weeks back, and just plain died. So we've been without heat or a/c for the past two weeks.

Since it's been relatively moderate here, that hasn't been a problem. But winter will come sooner or later, so I finally got around to calling guys from two different companies to come look at it. They came to versions of the same conclusion: we can get the thing running again, but it's getting to the end of its lifespan. So it probably will make it through the winter--though no one's willing to make a guarantee--but the question is, how much longer will it last after that? Both guys wanted us to think about the money we would be investing in repairs vs. simply replacing the damn thing. One guy came up with an estimate of between $700 and $900 just to fix the current system. Before you jump all over his estimate as inflated, consider this: the blower motor itself will cost $450 before labor, and that's not the only problem.

Given those kinds of costs, it does seem more worthwhile to just go ahead and buy a new one.

And yes, we're going to get a couple of different estimates. Still, you shouldn't be looking for us in Switzerland any time soon...

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