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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Sorry to be away for so long. September was just nuts: a wedding, back-to-back visits by both sets of parents, practically back-to-back continuing ed seminars. Oh, and I managed to slip in a few days in the office.

I'd promise to be good, but I can't even do that. Jen and I are headed for California next week. We're flying into LA on Monday the 11th, and will stay in Solvang, the "Danish Capital of America." That's odd. What's even more odd is that we're staying in the Storybook Inn, a bed-and-breakfast designed around Hans Christian Anderson fairytales. We're either in the Little Mermaid room, or the Swan's Nest. Depends on which one has a working jacuzzi.

And that's still 298 miles from San Francisco! We'll be up in the Bay Area for a couple of days, visiting assorted cousins and perhaps an aunt or uncle too, if they have time. Friday, we're driving all the way back down to San Diego, where we'll watch the Valparaiso Crusaders take on some other anonymous football team. (Jen's brother Joe is the Valpo quarterback.)

After that, it's up to LA for a quick look around, and we'll be back in Lancaster 10 days after we left. The dogs and cats will be left in the capable hands of a highly-recommended seminarian. No, really: she almost went to vet school.

But I promise, I'll try to be more regular here, and we'll bring back lots of pictures from California.

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