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Friday, July 02, 2004

We've only been in this house for a little more than a month, but already, it's provided me with a larder full of memories.

Some are pleasant, such as sleeping with our headboard under an open window, feeling the cool breeze blowing over us. Or sleeping there, listening to a thunderstorm booming its way into the city. Or seeing the roses bloom after the weeds around them were cleared away and they were fertilized.

Some are a little less pleasant, such as turning on the garden hose to water a flower bed, then coming inside to discover that the exterior faucet's interior shut-off valve has leaked, sending water streaming down the basement wall. This was compounded by the realization that the previous owner had tried to fix the problem, but hadn't bothered to check it thoroughly to make sure it actually was resolved. Or taping up what seemed like a minor problem with the water line to the automatic ice maker in the freezer, only to discover that the problem lay elsewhere, and will require a plumber to fix.

Some are just plain hard work, such as clearing out overgrown flower beds and hedges, and creating a pile of clippings and rakings as big as a car. Or painting the kitchen, and next the guest bedroom, and after that the upstairs bathroom, and maybe the basement...

And some are just plain odd, magical, at the intersection of dreams and waking life, such as hearing the clicking of horse hooves below my office window as an Amish buggy rolls into town, and as I type away on my computer. Or coming downstairs very early one morning to let the dogs out, and hearing from down the block the quiet salsa music of our Puerto Rican neighbors while across the alley the patriarch of the Southeast Asian family that lives behind us does a stange, shuffling jog, almost a linear dance, without his cane in the morning fog...

Well, here's hoping that we'll accumulate many more along the same lines. I'll keep you posted.

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