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Friday, July 16, 2004

See what I mean about this being a rich day? First there's this piece from PBS' Religion and Ethics Weekly:

`Godless Americans' Endorse Kerry-Edwards Ticket
(RNS) The Godless Americans Political Action Committee has endorsed Sen. John Kerry for president and Sen. John Edwards for vice president in the upcoming 2004 election.
-- Adelle M. Banks

And then there's this Op-Ed from USA Today, of all places, explaining the "religion gap" between Democrats and Republicans may not be all that large.

On a less happy note, there's this story from CNN on a serial rapist and child molestor caught in Madison, Wisconsin. This guy may have assaulted up to two dozen adults and five kids. Yeesh. Why is it that my hometown used to be in the news for being a great place to live, but recently only gets mentioned in connection with crime stories?

And now I've got to go and get a life.
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