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Monday, July 05, 2004

I really should start keeping a tab for all the stuff we've bought for our new house.

Between a lawnmower, weed whacker/edger, saw, hedge trimmers, paint, lamps, stove, and assorted other things, we must have close to a thousand bucks sunk into this place. (In case you're wondering where we're getting all this cash, it's mostly from the rebate on our escrow account.)

And it continues: 26.49 for an antenna for our new stereo. 9.98 for a curtain for the upstairs bathroom. That's going back as too short. 18.23 for switch plates covers, less 6.33 for a telephone wall mount we returned comes to 11.90. But then we promptly spent another 48.49 for mini-fluorescent lightbulbs, a plastic bag saver, a new handle for the shower spigot, an upgraded shower head. And I don't even have all the receipts in front of me.


Next week, we might repaint Lisa's room.

Oy gevult.

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