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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

From today's Lancaster Intelligencer-Journal, an article on Pres. Bush's recent visit to the county, entitled "The Bush Bus: Some Onboard, Some Just Bored" by Larry Alexander, the humor columnist:

...I was astounded by the number of protestors who greeted the president.  So was Bush, who saw so many anti-Bush signs that he asked his driver how on Earth they missed the exit for Pennsylvania and ended up in France.

The Prez hoped to take in a movie between his gathering here and a rally in York, but decided against it when he learned the most popular film playing locally is "Fahrenheit 9/11."


In closing [remarks], Bush offered, "I'm going to spend a lot of time in Pennsylvania, because I want to carry Pennsylvannia this time."

No need to worry if he doesn't, as long as he carries the Supreme Court.

NB:  I'm pretty sure Alexander made up those quotes.  Pretty sure.

The F9/11 factoid, I wouldn't rule out.

In any case, I'm proud to say I was among those protestors. I even made it into the next day's paper by bellowing "I BELIEVE IN GOD, AND I'M VOTING FOR JOHN KERRY." Jen screamed when she saw it.

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