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Thursday, July 08, 2004

From the July 13 edition of The Christian Century:

Not in our name:  In an ad appearing on several Arab television networks, American religious leaders condemned the prisoner abuses at the Abu Ghraib prison and apologized to the Iraqis and Arab peoples for the scandal.  Donald Shriver, president emeritus of Union Theological Seminary in New York, was one of the spokespersons, who also included a Catholic, Jew and Muslim (see  Episcopalians for Global Reconciliation have a Web site where Americans can sign an apology to the Iraqi people for the prisoner abuse scandal.  The statement reads in part:  "We as Christians and/or Americans want to tell the people of Iraq and others that we are shocked and deeply ashamed to hear of the torture and humiliation inflicted on Iraqi and other prisoners in the custody of our government....We apologize to victims of this abuse and their families, and to all the people of Iraq....This should never have happened in our name.  We pledge to work together so this never happens again."  (see

If you haven't already, sign the letter today.

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