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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

About time we had an update on the household expenses. Since July 5th, we've dropped $30.70 at K-Mart, $90.90 at Lowe's, another $38.18 at Lowe's, $92.30 at Ikea, $64.48 at Target, and another $11.28 at Lowe's. We should own stock in that last one.

Offsetting these expenses were returns to Lowe's of $4.50 and $69.31.

So, the grand total was: 30.70+90.90+38.18+92.30+64.48+11.28-4.50-69.31=$314.03, minus whatever we get back from Ikea when we return the kickass Roman shades that were the wrong size for the windows.

For this, I get a house with a purple bedroom, pictures on the wall, and some semblance of functionality. Also rugs on the kitchen floor and a shaving mirror in the bathroom. Damn practical Swedes and their irresistable merchandise!

We have yet to contract with a landscaper to rip out our overgrown trees and bushes. Nor have we contacted a plumber or electrician about the work they need to do around the house.

However, I have successfully installed a new ceiling light fixture without burning down the house. On the other hand, that was only this afternoon. Give me some time.

But lest you think this has all been Jen's fault, or that I've gotten nothing out of the deal, allow me to say this. I am the proud owner of five hammers, including the mallet I bought Jen while we were engaged; three saws (one electric), a lawn mower, weed whacker, and hedgetrimmer, and my personal favorite, the branch lopper. Let Armageddon come: I have enough tools to see my lawn through to the kingdom!

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