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Friday, June 18, 2004

I'm outta here. Gotta go up to Selinsgrove for the Penn Central Conference Annual Meeting, where I'm helping to present a quilt to the incoming Conference Minister, and a seminar on "What Happened to the Mainline Denominations?". After Vacation Bible School, that makes for a long week. Even worse: I'll get home about midnight on Saturday, then get up and preach the next morning. No one to blame but myself; I neglected to find a replacement for myself.

But no rest for the wicked: I'll probably be painting the kitchen Sunday afternoon. I was supposed to take down a wallpaper border in there this week, so that Jen could do the painting herself, but I neglected to do so. Bad pastor, bad. Sunday night, we're going to see Los Lobos play a free show in the park. Cool. Monday morning, I will sleep until I can sleep no more. That's a promise.

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