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Friday, June 04, 2004

As promised, here are the incriminating photos from Nashville:

Folks who have known me (and my hoodlum friends) for a long time will no doubt recognize Charles Clover and John Cooper on the outside of this group of miscreants. On the inside are Kia Baskerville—John’s wife—and Abe Megahead, an old friend of David’s from high school, and new buddy to the rest of us.

Below: Dorene Sterne, whom Abe married on a mountaintop in Montana or Wyoming, and who took most of these pictures, with the inimitable Robert Skidmore:

Just to be fair, here’s a picture of me from brunch the day after:

That’s Arnold Miller, father of the groom, behind me.

And one last one of John and Kia, from the same brunch:

That’s Mrs. Pastor in the background, feeling puny. Behind her in the green shirt is David Miller, the groom himself.

A good time was had by all. A very good time.

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